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The Missouri Health Insurance Exchange will be operated through a federally-run health insurance exchange, also referred to as the Health Insurance Marketplace. Starting October 1, 2013, Missouri residents will be able to access information about all the plans available through the Exchange, shop for plans, and access individual premium tax credits. The SHOP Exchange will be available to small businesses with 100 or fewer employees. Coverage from the Exchange starts in January 2014. According to an estimate by, 799,250 or 16% of Missouri’s non-elderly residents are uninsured, of whom 744,700 (93%) may qualify for either tax credits to purchase coverage in the Marketplace or for Medicaid if Missouri participates in the Medicaid expansion.

Missouri Health Insurance Exchange - What Plans will be Available?
All plans offered through the Missouri Health Insurance Exchange will meet the ACA definition of a Qualified Health Plan (QHP). The plans will be offered by level of coverage for essential health benefits (EHB), to allow consumers to compare plans on an "apples to apples" basis. The four "metal" levels are: Bronze (plan pays 60%), Silver (plan pays 70%), Gold (plan pays 80%) and Platinum (plan pays 90%). Details on plan carriers and rates will be available by October 1, 2013.


Missouri Health Insurance Exchange - Navigators

The Missouri Health Insurance Exchange will follow federal guidelines for insurance professionals selling policies through the Exchange and for navigators assisting consumers and small businesses. Insurance professionals will be able to register with the Missouri Health Insurance Exchange and receive any commissions directly from the carriers (using their Exchange ID number and NPN). The Missouri Health Insurance Exchange navigator program will assist consumers in making choices about their health care options and accessing their new health care coverage, including access to premium tax credits for some consumers. The federal government will run the navigator program in Missouri.
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